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If you already know about the specific pheromone products which this blog is reviewing, and only wish to learn, do pheromones work or not, then please feel free to check out the specific results of my empirical testing.

You can find the overall results of my 2 year pheromone review and evaluation below:

Do Pheromones Work? The Pheromone Authority, is the most comprehensive resource, including full reviews on the top 37+ pheromone colognes and perfumes for both men and women, including field reports and tips and tricks regarding appropriate usage, in other words a complete and full pheromone review.

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far greater detail then I intend to go into here, regarding the specific results of my empirical pheromone testing and review, as well as including specific field test results.

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Pheromone Review: The Scent of Eros for Men.

James Vaughn Kohl's, The Scent of Eros for Men, is my clear and undisputed number #1 pick.

This pheromone product is designed to
"dissolve personal space between you and the target, enhancing others general friendliness, chattiness, attraction, and making them calm and relaxed around the wearer."

The affects of this product were excellent as documented the results of my empirical pheromone review.

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Pheromone Review: Liquid Trust

Vero Labs, Liquid Trust, is my clear runner up, and ranks number #2 based upon my initial results in the field.

Liquid Trust is the newest product produced by Vero Labs. The pheromone product is designed to specifically provide a "boost to the dating and relationship area of your life," by creating a "trusting and compassionate atmosphere" around the pheromone product wearer.
The affects of this product were excellent as well, and are documented in the results of my empirical pheromone review.

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Pheromone Review: Alpha-7 Scented

This pheromone product which is similar to another called Primal Instinct, but containing 40% more pheromones, is now firmly entrenched in my number #3 spot overall. This pheromone product smells great, and seems to last a very long time, 8-10 hours on average.

Alpha-7 Scented is designed to create the aura of an "confident and classy man," while enhancing overall sexual attraction.

The affects of this product were excellent. As the other products listed above, the results of my pheromone review and field test for this product can be read in more detail below.

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for my narrative and real world field testing results of Alpha 7 Scented.


Pheromone Review: Alpha A314 for Men

Alpha A314 for men is very powerful pheromone cologne! With the wrong dosage applied it can become a little to powerful, and actually become rather over bearing. Caution is recommended while using this product. As if to much is applied one may mistake the smell as body odor, and not as a pleasing scent!

However, if applied properly this product has shown itself to be very effective. This pheromone product is specifically designed to enhance feelings of attraction, trust, and friendliness.

In short, after applying this product, affected women seemed to have a desire to get to know me, and were much more interested in conversing with me, and overall felt more relaxed and trusting around me. This Product would best be used to enhance a long term courting relationship, and probably not best for a quick pick-up at a night club, or something along those lines.

Overall, this is strong product which got results quite often, one must just be very careful about applying the proper dosages.

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Pheromone Review: Alter Ego for Men

The pheromone Alter Ego for Men has just barely made it to the 5th spot on my list, it was a very close call between product #5 and #6.

Alter Ego for Men is a pheromone product which is designed to enhance overall pure attraction by the opposite sex, overall friendliness, and create a calming affect. The product did in fact produce the desired results, but not consistently. It takes some real guess work and trial by error to determine the proper dosage suitable for you.

However, once you figure this out, I does work wonders, at time comparable to the effects of The Scent of Eros. However, this product remains number 5, because it was just to darn unpredictable, sometimes it seems to work, other times it does not? It is notable to point out, that when it does work, it tends to work "very" well.

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Pheromone Review: Edge Sandalwood for Men

This very fine smelling pheromone product is very reliable, consistent, and has overall received good reviews from others, and good results during my own field testing. The pheromone is quite powerful, even with its pleasant scent, requires only one or at most two applications to be effective.

Overall I received consistent results while testing this product in the field. Women who responded while this pheromone was applied, had similar responses as those generated by The Scent of Eros, except, well, I guess I would have to term it, "hornier."

This seems to be an attraction pheromone. It would not be my first pick to apply if looking for my next wife, but if I was going to night club by myself, I probably would reach for this product.

The effectiveness of the product was not a problem, however each application did not seem to last nearly as long as any of the other products listed here in position 1-5.

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Pheromone Review: Impi Original for Men

The Impi Original for Men, produced by La Croy, is another sound, solid and effective pheromone product. This product will not most likely disappoint when used by the wearer strictly to attract the attention of the opposite sex. You will get noticed while wearing this product from a much larger percentage of females around you.

Impi's primary quality is that of a pure attractant. Don't expect affected individuals to be calm, or relaxed, or extra trusting of you, however they will have a higher level of attraction and interest towards you. This is the type of product again, I would reach for if going to a night club. I would not recommend applying at work or around friends.

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Pheromone Review: Andro 4.2

This pheromone product is included only because it is one of the 10 that I initially evaluated. In short, I don't really know what this stuff is supposed to do! As far as I can tell, it did nothing but cost me money. Luckily, the store I purchased it from has a 100% money back guarantee, which I have utilized.

The only comments I received while wearing this product were not positive, "Have you taken a shower today???"

This is just not what I'm looking for in a pheromone product. But who knows, perhaps others might have different results? But this was my result. I cannot recommend the product at this time.

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Pheromone Review: Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate for Men

My test of this product was also a complete disaster. I received not positive attention from anyone, perhaps do to the dosages I used, which did vary from a little to a lot, I truly believe it may have caused other males to behave more aggressively towards me for no apparent reason. The only observable response I saw from women, was to possibly repeal them wearing this product!

I do not need to pay for this result! I have read that other individuals have reported good results from this stuff? Unfortunately, I experienced no good results from wearing this pheromone, nor will I attempt to again.

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Pheromone Review: Lure For Men

This pheromone product, the last product I have so far evaluated, was also a loser folks.

In short, I cant really tell you what it's supposed to do. Correction, it's supposed to attract the opposite sex, however I observed nothing of the sort actually happen. It was more like I was wearing a high priced, but rather poor cheap smelling cologne.

I made it a point to test this one on three different days, wearing three different dosage applications, high, medium, and low.

From what I could observe, the dosage level did not matter for me, the stuff just did nothing, nothing bad, and nothing good.

Stay tuned, as I will continue to update this record as I resume my testing of future pheromone products. Thanks, for reading my pheromone review!

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I just recently completed my second empirical pheromone review, the specific details are pending, however I did post the top pheromone products, specifically designed for Women to Attract Men, available below.

Pheromones for Women : Pheromones for Women to Attract Men Evaluated.


Pheromone Product Review: The Scent of Eros for Women

The Scent of Eros for Women again rises to my number one position. This male attractant pheromone did not disappoint. The overall results were very similar to those of it's brother, The Scent of Eros for Men! The general affect of this male attractant pheromone is to:

to 'dissolve personal space between you and the target, enhancing others general friendliness, chattiness, attraction, and making them calm and relaxed around the wearer.'

The Scent of Eros for Women performed extremely well and for an extended period of time, and is currently my most highly recommend stand alone male attractant pheromone product for women. For more detail on this product see;


Pheromone Product Review: Pheromax for Women

This German made male attractant pheromone proved itself worthy of the second rank position without debate.

Pheromax for Women clearly proved itself to be a true sexual vibe enhancing type pheromone product. Pheromax for Women does tend to generate a friendly and chatty atmosphere, much like The Scent of Eros for Women, however this affect was greatly overshadowed by its sexual vibe and attraction elements.

Pheromax for Women is a scentless product which can be used as stand alone product or with a quality cover scent. However, the product proved very effective when used in combination with The Scent of Eros for Women.


Pheromone Product Review: Primal Instinct Unscented for Women

Primal Instinct Unscented for Women won the third spot among my reviewed male attractant pheromones for women. This choice was difficult to make as Primal Instinct Unscented for Women was so close in produced results to Pheromax for Women.

Primal Instinct Unscented for Women is a rather mixed bag. This male attractant can be used as a stand alone product or with a quality cover scent as well. However, I found that this product did not produce a strong friendly or chatty vibe that I had observed from both The Scent of Eros for Women and Pheromax for Women. This product was observed to be a very strong sexual attraction vibe producing pheromone.

However, if the wearer is reserved or is looking for something to help break the ice, Primal Instinct Unscented for Women may not be the best choice as a stand alone product. That being said it was later observed that wearing a combination of Primal Instinct Unscented for Women and The Scent of Eros for Women together, produced quite strong and aggressive results from a number of men.

In short;

"wearing both these products together created a very friendly and inviting sexual atmosphere, in which more men felt comfortable to act upon their desire to initiate conversation and flirt (try to pick-up) the wearers of both products."

During the entire five day empirical evaluation period, the most aggressive results, period, were produced when my test subjects were wearing both The Scent of Eros for Women and Primal Instinct Unscented for Women together.

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